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AZ Coatings Have Been Flown on the Materials International Space Station Experiment (MISSE) Attached to the Outside of the ISS to Measure Durability to Long Term Space Exposure.
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Existing Line of Color Coatings

AZ Technology developed many of its existing line of materials, paints and coatings for use on spacecraft. Thus most of AZ Technology's existing line of paints/coatings are designed to be low-outgassing and space stable and to meet toxicity and flammability requirements. Many of these coatings were designed to satisfy customer specified optical properties. One such property is color.

Most of our existing line of color coatings have been exposed to the space environment for long periods of time on the Optical Properties Monitor (OPM) attached to the outside of the Russian MIR space station (appox.9 months), the MIR MEEP POSA-I experiment (approx. 1 year) and/or the Materials International Space Station Experiment (MISSE) attached to the outside of the International Space Station (approx. 4 years).

Below is a brief summary of AZ Technology's existing line of marker paints/coatings and their history in space, however, we have the capability of creating almost any color. The product names are linked to detailed descriptions, specifications, and summaries of performance in space testing. Additional links to detailed pdf's are given below the table.

Name Color Binder Currently on International Space Station Tested on International Space Station

Tested on Russian MIR Space Station

AZ-93 White Inorganic Yes Yes Yes
RM-550-IB Black Inorganic Yes Yes Yes
AMJ-400-IG Green Inorganic   Yes  
AMJ-600-IR Red Inorganic Yes Yes  
AMJ-700-IBU Blue Inorganic Yes Yes  
AMJ-710-IBU Skyblue Inorganic Yes Yes  
TMS-800-IY Yellow Inorganic Yes Yes Yes
TMJ-810-ICY Yellow Inorganic      
AZ-400-LSW White Organic   Scheduled  
TMJ-20-LSB Black Organic Yes    
MLS-85-SB Black Organic     Yes
AMJ-450-LSG Green Organic   Yes  
AMJ-650-LSR Red Organic   Yes  
AMJ-750-LSBU Blue Organic   Yes  
TMJ-850-LSY Yellow Organic   Yes  


1) Paints/Coatings Catalogue (pdf 705KB) 2) Coatings Substrate Compatibility (pdf or html) 3) Paint Storage and Shelf Life (pdf or html) 4) Paint Coverage Estimates (pdf or html)


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