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NASA Logo On Curved Aluminum Plate Prior to Attaching to Module of International Space Station

AZ Expert Coating NASA Logo

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AZ Facilities to Create Logos

AZ scientists work with government agencies, the military and aerospace companies in the application of coatings onto spacecraft hardware. This requires a careful, detailed process of surface preparation, and testing to ensure that these specialized coatings endure the punishing effects of space and other harsh environments.

AZ Technology’s coatings and materials processing capabilities include coatings development, formulation, testing and analysis in addition to undertaking custom or tailored coatings to meet specific optical (color matching) or electrical resistivity requirements.  AZ Technology also has material synthesis and processing facilities that

  Applying White Coating to Space Hardware
allow us to effectively control material properties and quality to aid in meeting long term stability requirements for use in space and other harsh environments. 
AZ Technology’s thick film capability is facilitated by state-of-the-art equipment. High volume, low pressure (HVLP) turbine type systems are used to deposit coatings onto components with complex geometry.  Our primary coating deposition facility is capable of handling components up to twelve square feet (3.6 m2) depending upon configuration.  This facility can maintain a   Communications Box Destined for the International Space Station Coated with White Thermal Control and Electrostatic Dissipative Paint
controlled environment during deposition and cure with respect to particulate, temperature and humidity.  Our other two coating deposition facilities are much larger and can accommodate hardware up to as much as 300 square feet (4 m X 7 m), again dependent on shape and configuration.  In addition, AZ Technology deposition facilities are equipped with all necessary equipment for formulating, compounding and testing coatings to ensure batch-to-batch consistency and quality in the final product.  To complement our well equipped deposition facilities, AZ Technology is staffed with expert personnel dedicated to quality.

AZ Technology has high temperature synthesis laboratory facilities.  The high temperature ceramics processing facility has the capability to process materials up to 1700 C with a controlled atmosphere through purging with a variety of gases.  In addition to a well equipped facility, AZ Technology has and utilizes a multidisciplinary staff to meet our customer’s most demanding specialty coating requirements.


High Temperature Furnaces

High Temperature Furnaces
AZ specialists develop space-safe colors to create high-quality logos, flags and emblems applied directly to space hardware and/or to aluminum sheets to be bolted in place and/or to aluminum foil to be attached via Y966 adhesive. This requires delicate precision work and quality control.
NASA Logo Being Applied to Space Station Module ESA Logo Being Applied to Space Station Module   ASI Logo Being Applied to Space Station Module
AZ Technology facilities also include extensive material testing capabilities. Standard coating physical properties testing such as adhesion, abrasion resistance, optical properties (solar absorption, emittance, reflectance, and transmittance), density analysis, electrical conductivity determination and evaluation of effects of exposure to UV can be performed. AZ Technology has also developed and built a space environmental effects testing system (SEETS) to evaluate coatings expected to be exposed to the harsh conditions in space. These in-house capabilities are necessary for the development of tailored paints and coatings for use in space and other harsh environments. We also offer these measurement and testing services to customers on coated and uncoated materials of almost any type; from satellites to roofing materials.   AZ's Custom Built Ultra-High Vacuum Chamber for Testing Coatings in a Simulated Space Environment
Space Environment Effects Testing System (SEETS) with LPSR300V attached.



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